jastrachan | 12 May 18:05 2004

Re: default parms on constructors?

On 12 May 2004, at 16:17, John Stump wrote:
> Hello all,
> is it intended for default parameters to work on constructors as
> well as methods? I have discovered that they do not work on
> ctors. If this should be supported, I can file a bug report.
> Thanks

There's no reason why we shouldn't support this. Indeed it'd be simpler 
& easier to support it. Please go ahead and raise the JIRA issue.

Incidentally this would make creating Pico style components really 
easy; allowing default values to specify optional dependencies/values 
all with a simple, single groovy-constructor (which creates a few 
different bytecode level constructors that users can call). It also 
nicely avoids the constructor-hell that is common when you want to 
provide some flexibility for default values on constructors.

Thinking about it more - default values on constructors are probably 
more useful than on methods :)