jastrachan | 27 May 19:56 2004

Re: Another Groovy presentation

Great thanks Alexander, I've added it to the presentations page...


On 27 May 2004, at 14:01, Alexander Schmid wrote:

> Hi all,
> I did a presentation on groovy and it's features
> at the JAOO in Cannes on Tuesday (the JAOO is one of
> the most famous and IMHO the best software development conference
> here in Europe).
> For those interested in the slides, I put them on my webpage:
> http://home.t-online.de/home/alex.schmid/conferences.html
> Groovy was very well received. While most didn't know
> it yet, a lot of people were very impressed by it's features and
> it's elegance.
> Ciao Alex
> P.S.: Of course feedback on the slides is always welcome as maybe
>       I will repeat the presentation someday...