jastrachan | 14 Jun 15:22 2004

Re: auto bean filling

On 14 Jun 2004, at 14:48, Alan Wood wrote:
> Is it possible to do this kind of thing in groovy:
> MyBean filledBean = new MyBean(*:map)
> where MyBean is obvously a java bean with get and sets and the map is 
> say a HashMap full of name value objects with names corresponding to 
> the bean fields.
> Thus the corresponding map objects get loaded into the bean.
> a bit like JSPs <jsp:setProperty  name="filledBean" property="*"/>
> this is very usefull for html form filling among other things.
> it could even be extended to use regex rather than just '*' but that 
> might be overkill

FWIW I think just using

MyBean filledBean = new MyBean(map)

would work, provided there's no matching constructor for MyBean which 
takes the map parameter.