jastrachan | 22 Jun 20:37 2004

RE: GroovyOne: meeting up at JavaOne?

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On 22 Jun 2004, at 19:22, jastrachan@... wrote:
> or those who are gonna be at JavaOne, Rod Cope and I will be  
> presenting a talk on Groovy...
> http://www.javaone04.com/catalog/catalog/sessionDetail.jsp? 
> SESSION_ID=1069&form=searchform
> I wondered if folks fancied meeting up at some point. Sun didn't  
> accept the Groovy BOF :( so I guess we'll have to make up our own one.  
> I'm busy on the tuesday night (which is a shame as we could have  
> kicked off GroovyOne right after the talk) so how about wednesday  
> evening?