jastrachan | 8 Jul 18:31 2004

Re: Groovy web page has many bad links

Thanks Steve

This is a known issue since we moved to FishEye for viewing CVS - I'm 
hoping we can get the infra guys to do a redirect so we don't have to 
go through all the links. FWIW http://cvs.groovy.codehaus.org/ works 
fine, its just there's a slightly different URL below this.

e.g. here's the main repo


the eclipse plugin is here...


On 8 Jul 2004, at 16:04, Steven Buroff wrote:

> The groovy home page http://groovy.codehaus.org/ has many bad links. 
> For example,
> check any of the links in the Modules and Examples sections in the 
> left frame. They
> all fail.
> Also, follow the link "Eclipse Plugin" under "IDE Support". Now click 
> on the "groovy-eclipse"
> link in the text. It fails too.
> I'm not sure where to report these problems so I'm posting here in the 
> hope that someone
> will forward the info to whoever maintains the web site.
> I'd really like to try the eclipse plugin if it actually exists. Could 
> someone tell me where
> I can get it? Thanks.
> Steve