jastrachan | 22 Jul 10:06 2004

Re: groovy does not grab jars in ~/.groovy/lib

We had to back out the change to implement this feature due to a 
ClassWorlds bug. As soon as that bugs fixed in ClassWorlds, we can 
re-enable it.

On 21 Jul 2004, at 20:58, Guillaume Laforge wrote:

> Net Bean wrote:
>> I am using groovy 1.0 beta 5 on a Solaris platform.
>> I have placed the jar files that I need for my script
>> in my ~/.groovy/lib directory.  But invoking the
>> script with groovy doesn't pick up the jar files.
> For this to work, you'll have to modify the *.conf files in the 
> GROOVY_HOME conf directory.
> Simply uncomment the following line in all of these files:
> # load ${user.home}/.groovy/lib/*
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