jastrachan | 6 Aug 11:51 2004

Re: J2EE / EJB integration + Eclipse 3 plugin

On 6 Aug 2004, at 10:27, <v.vandenschrick@...> wrote:
> 1/ How to cleanly integrate groovy in an EJB architecture ? My main
> concern is about EJB spec since groovy scripts execution rely on a
> custom classloader. Creating such a classloader either directly (to get
> a Class object then a GroovyObject) or behind the scene (interpreting
> the script using GroovyShell) is explicitely forbidden by the EJB spec.

You don't happen to have a link to the point in the spec which 
disallows custom class loaders to be used inside an EJB do you? Seems 
an odd requirement, which if true would pretty much rule out most 
modern AOP tools as well.