jastrachan | 6 Aug 11:54 2004

Re: J2EE / EJB integration + Eclipse 3 plugin

On 6 Aug 2004, at 10:48, <v.vandenschrick@...> wrote:
> Merg,
> thanks for the answer.
> But the EJB 2.1 spec says (and as I can remember previous ones also) :
> 25.1.2 Programming Restrictions
> -------------------------------
> ...
> The enterprise bean must not attempt to create a class loader; obtain
> the current class loader;
> set the context class loader; set security manager; create a new
> security manager; stop the
> JVM; or change the input, output, and error streams.

A-ha - ignore my previous mail :)

Maybe the GroovyClassLoader should, in an ideal J2EE EJB world, be 
passed into the EAR via a J2EE resource, then the EJB app doesn't 
actually create it? It all seems a bit silly & a PITA though.

Reminds me of the 'you cannot create threads' rule, which while a good 
intention (encouraging you to reuse the app server's thread pool) is 
not really that big a deal in practice in the real world. Sometimes the 
J2EE specs are too restrictive for their own good I think