jastrachan | 10 Aug 08:42 2004

Re: [ANN] Groovestry - A Groovy Tapestry Integration

On 9 Aug 2004, at 17:12, Hensley, Richard wrote:
> Michael and I are pleased to announce the release of Groovestry. We  
> have
> been working on integrating our two implementations of integrating  
> Groovy
> and Tapestry. The final outcome of that effort is a project christened
> Groovestry by Howard
> (http://howardlewisship.com/blog/ 
> 2004_07_01_archive.html#109044583519259437)
> .
> The documentation, downloads, and sample application are available at  
> the
> Groovestry home page http://groovestry.sourceforge.net and project  
> page at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/groovestry
> Michael's announcement is at
> http://www.behindthesite.com/blog/C1931765677/E811655207/index.html

Awesome stuff!

I've admired Tapestry for some time; after seeing Erik Hatcher's  
presentation on it at OSCon I'm keen to use it on my next web-app  
project - but now there's Groovestry, I'm totally sold :). Great work