jastrachan | 26 Aug 09:13 2004

Re: Long instantiation time for compiled Groovy classes

On 26 Aug 2004, at 07:05, Arik Kfir wrote:
> A small follow-up – I noticed now that groovyc does not fail on 
> unknown variables/types, which means that the class’s script is not 
> really compiled, but rather saved into the compiled class and is still 
> compiled at runtime – is this correct?

No - its just resolving variables is often dynamic if there is not a 
field accessible in the class/script in which you use a variable.

e.g. it will use a getProperty("someName") rather than this.someName if 
there is no field or getter available.

> From: Arik Kfir [mailto:arikkfir@...]
> I’m a new (and pleasantly surprised!) Groovy user. I’ve successfully 
> executed various scripts and classes and recently I’ve pre-compiled my 
> Groovy classes, to make them run a little faster. I’ve noticed, 
> however, that instantiation of compiled Groovy classes takes about 
> three-to-four seconds, which surprised me a bit, as this was supposed 
> to be a compiled script.

Could you give an example of this? Sounds very bizarre. Compiled groovy 
classes are java classes, there's nothing really to start up :)