jastrachan | 15 Nov 10:10 2004

Re: Feedback on Groovy

On 10 Nov 2004, at 21:15, George Russell wrote:
> Guillaume Laforge wrote:
>> Hello dear Groovy users and hackers,
>> As you already know, on thursday and friday, we're holding a JSR  
>> meeting in London to help the standardization process going forward.
>> Here is the wiki page about the details:
>> http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GroovyJSR/ 
>> Groovy+Meeting+in+London+2004
>> Apart from talking about the language itself, during this meeting,  
>> we're also going to speak about Groovy "in the press", what users  
>> think of Groovy.
>> So, feel free to give us some feedback about:
>> - what do you like/dislike in Groovy?
> Dislike: lack of static checking, current lack of documentation and  
> _very_ poor error reporting in parser. Also, the read, evaluate, print  
> loop top level interpreter is poor compared to that of, for example,  
> python.

This was one of the main things we focussed on in the recent JSR  
conference; improving the compiler to catch basic typos and perform  
static type checking where possible.

>> - what do you expect from the JSR process?
> A language grammar.

Thanks to the changes coming in the language we should now be able to  
create a grammar.

>> - any other questions you'd like to answer!
> Is Groovy intended only to be dynamically typed?


>  Is there ever going to be the option of statically checking a groovy  
> class / script before execution.


Groovy was always intended to support both static and dynamic typing,  
allowing users to use either mode (specify type restrictions when  
wanted, or stay dynamically typed when not).