jastrachan | 7 Dec 02:21 2004

Re: Bug postings...

On 5 Dec 2004, at 08:17, Cedric Beust wrote:

>> From: Guillaume Laforge [mailto:glaforge@...]
>> Regarding the JSR, I suggested we organize a meeting in
>> London to talk about Groovy, the language spec, its features,
>> etc...
> Augh, no, not yet another dinner that we'll read about in blogs.
> It's time for someone to take leadership, produce a clear document 
> showing a
> clear vision for Groovy, with a list of features that will be 
> implemented
> and others that will be dropped.  With a clear roadmap and precise
> deliverables that future users can judge Groovy by and decide whether 
> it's a
> solid project they can rely on or just another aborted open-source 
> project
> they can safely ignore.

Would an EBNF grammar and a bunch of unit tests (TCK) for the core 
language do the trick, coupled with some documentation on the wiki? Its 
what we're trying to do ASAP

>> Be warned that the language *will* change, and that your
>> Groovy code will have to be "ported" to the final language
>> specification.
> Another thing that should be a solved problem.  Groovy is old enough 
> now
> (hell, it even has its own JSR!!!) that the syntax should have been 
> nailed a
> long time ago.

Agreed; though unfortunately its taken longer than we thought. Though 
note that Java, Ruby and Python are still growing & changing...