jastrachan | 7 Dec 02:37 2004

Re: Bug postings...

On 6 Dec 2004, at 17:30, Cedric Beust wrote:
>> From: Chappell, Simon P [mailto:Simon.Chappell@...]
>> I took a quick poll of statement terminators among scripting
>> languages and here are the results:
>> Perl        ;
>> Python      none
>> TCL         ; or newline (kinda like none :-)
>> Lua         none
>> REBOL       none
>> REXX        none
>> JavaScript  ;
>> Shell       none
>> I stick with my vote for no mandatory statement terminators.
> And here we go again...  (nothing personal with you Simon, read on...).
> There have been hundreds of emails about the separator issue.  And the
> closure syntax issue.  And the you-name-it issue.
> And it's happening again... Thirty emails on the importance of 
> semi-colons,
> which totally misses the point of my message.  The intention of my 
> email was
> not to start yet another monster thread on the need of semi-colon but 
> a call
> to arms to put an end to this.
> What we have learned is that the community is very divided on all these
> issues, and each side has very good arguments.  This divisiveness has 
> been
> holding up Groovy for too long now, it's time that somebody stepped in
> (James?) and made an executive decision at the risk of angering half 
> of the
> community.
> Failure to make such a decision now will most likely sentence Groovy to
> staying a niche language forever.


Which is another reason why I'm so desperate to get an EBNF grammar 
together that's conclusive & describes what we came up with at the 
conference and so we can focus on moving forward. AFAIK we've got clear 
& unambigious grammar now and clear scoping rules; its just a case of 
brain dumping them & getting the parser going.

FWIW we're currently going with the Ruby, JavaScript & TCL statement 
terminators; semicolons or newlines can be used as statement