jastrachan | 7 Dec 02:39 2004

Re: Bug postings...

On 6 Dec 2004, at 19:24, Jeremy Rayner wrote:
>> I would suggest that instead of discussing statement terminators,  
>> perhaps we could discuss "What is Groovy? A scripting language or a  
>> formal development language?" I vote for it being a scripting  
>> language, given that Java is already a very nice formal development  
>> language.
> "Groovy is trying to provide a high level language (like Ruby, Python  
> or Dylan) that maps cleanly to Java bytecode. It needs to works with  
> Java objects, and the root of all the object trees is  
> java.lang.Object. The syntax will be Java friendly, but doesn't have  
> to be backwards compatible. Groovy will sit on top of J2SE" -  
> jstrachan - Nov 2004
> James has tried to outline his vision for what problem Groovy is  
> trying to solve,
> I suggest any new Groovy user at least tries to read through the slides
> and listen to James talk about his idea of what Groovy is and is not.
> slides:  
> http://docs.codehaus.org/download/attachments/2715/groovyone.ppt? 
> version=1
> audio: http://groovy.javanicus.com/jstrachan
> If anyone would like to volunteer some help, we could try and  
> transcribe jstrachan's
> ramblings, to ease this shared experience further...

And I'd just like to apologies now for any rambling rants in that MP3  
:). I had a bit of a hangover and I think I rambled on about not liking  
portals and PHP...