jastrachan | 17 Dec 19:13 2004

[heads up] plan for future releases...

The primary focus for the next main release is gonna be the new parser 
which should match the current JSR thinking, have good EBNF 
documentation and avoid the ambiguities plaguing the current parser. 
This new parser should hopefully catch most of the typeos we make and 
give meaningful errors - rather than reams of stack traces. It'll also 
give us something concrete to play with & feedback into the JSR 

We may end up with another interim release if we fix bugs between now 
and the time the new parsers ready. Hopefully the first release of the 
new parser can be a little forgiving & use warnings rather than errors 
where possible to help people migrate. Once we have the new parser 
implemented and bedded down, its time to turn our attention to the 
bytecode generation & see if we can tune that & hopefully simplify it 
by using Janino etc.

So here's a tentative plan for future releases...

beta-9 - interim bug fixes & keeping the old parser etc

beta-10 - the first release of the new parser; will possibly break 
backwards compatibility in places but will try to warn where possible & 
do the right thing

when we get to 1.0-final we'll probably turn off all the deprecations & 
backwards compatibility modes by default.