jastrachan | 17 Dec 20:02 2004

Re: [heads up] plan for future releases...

On 17 Dec 2004, at 18:31, Xavier Méhaut wrote:

>  Hi James,
>  It sounds good ; I've already downloaded the beta8 and playd a liitle 
> with ;)
>  As I said to Guillaume, it should be very important to have the GDK 
> eclipse plugin working a little better (especially the .class 
> generation) instead of IntellJ which is less accessible. The choice of 
> a language is not only the powerfullness of it which can be taken into 
> account, but also the tools around. It was the good recept introduced 
> by Smalltalk 26 years ago :) (I'm a former smalltalker too). Browsers, 
> debuggers, and so on..., is as important as the language itself imo. 
> So we can't have everything at the same time of course, but waht would 
> be your planning for this kind of concern?

I'd love a full powerful refactoring IDE for Groovy - and whichever IDE 
does it first will be my IDE of choice. Apparently Sun are funding a 
guy to develop a refactoring IDE for Groovy and Jython inside NetBeans 
and I hope that one day, IDEA's MPS initiative might mean that it'd be 
possible to wire in Groovy to IDEA and get refactoring across Java and 

Until then, we've gotta either cross our fingers and hope - or people 
can dive in and try make it happen :)