jastrachan | 25 Feb 16:30 2005

Re: MetaData in Groovy

On 19 Apr 2004, at 16:46, Cedric Beust wrote:
> Is there any plan of implementing MetaData in Groovy, similar to JSR 
> 175?
> Since it's a feature that has been widely recognized as very useful 
> and that Groovy compiles to Java classes, maybe it's something that 
> should be considered now and not retrofitted in the language in two 
> years from now...

Just to bring back a really old thread to life :)

We've currently support in JSR groovy for annotations, which we could 
in the future grow to be like decorators in Python (or macros in Ruby) 
but for now we could just support JSR 175 style metadata.

In the new JSR Groovy we parse annotations and add them to the 
MetaClass; and other than  <at> Property, we don't do much with them yet - 
but I'm sure we'll be able to output JSR 175 bytecode as well as many 
other things.