jastrachan | 1 Mar 08:23 2005

Re: Groovy beta 10 released! (+JSR Early Access)

On 1 Mar 2005, at 00:25, James Berry wrote:

> I've the committer responsible for groovy on the darwinports project.
> In trying to put together a build of Groovy beta 10, it appears that 
> not all relevant pieces are in the source tarball. In particular, it 
> doesn't appear that any of the jsr support is in there.
> My questions/comments are:
>  (1) Have I missed something?
>  (2) Is there a known replicatable cvs tag and/or network accessable 
> tarball distribution for the missing elements?
>  (3) In the future (TM) could you try to make sure your source 
> distributions cover your entire release?
> Thanks! (and keep up the great work on groovy!)

Unfortunately the beta-10 release is a little manual from the build 
perspective as the JSR parser is currently in groovy/jsr/... and the 
reference implementation lives in groovy/groovy-core. CVS is all tagged 
with GROOVY_1_0_BETA_10 if you wanna try a build, but you need to grab 
all of the groovy module and build the JSR parser first before doing 
the release

Now that beta-10 is out we're about to move the JSR parser back into 
the groovy/groovy-core directory tree; so in a couple of weeks we 
should have a more 'regular' release with all the source code inside 

Apologies for this James; it might be easier for darwinports to quietly 
ignore beta-10 and wait 2 weeks for the groovy-jsr-01 release which 
will be more 'normal'