jastrachan | 4 Mar 08:44 2005

Re: Groovy beta 10 released! (+JSR Early Access)

On 3 Mar 2005, at 19:28, Cedric Beust wrote:

>> From: Antti Karanta [mailto:antti.karanta@...]
>>   I, for one, don't find the syntax requiring to start the
>> block on the same line weird.
> That's not the point.  The point is:  not everyone will feel this way.
> I have to agree strongly with Chris here and I'd like to take a step 
> back
> from technical considerations and try to bring some sanity to the 
> debate.
> A language that forces me to pay attention to my spaces and newlines 
> is pure
> evil and is guaranteed to alienate the very community you are writing 
> Groovy
> for.
> I don't really care what the justification is, but my reaction as a 
> user is:
> "You're the developer, it's your problem, fix it and give me a 
> language that
> lets me reuse the Java and C/C++ habits I've honed these past ten 
> years."
> Come on James, it's so obvious to me it makes me want to scream...

I hear you Cedric. See the JSR list - but just a quick pendantic 

> (*) actually, you should either make spaces significant (the Python 
> way,
> which I like) or not make them significant at all.  But no 
> half-measure.

Spaces are completely 100% insignificant in Groovy; we're just a line 
based scripting language like JavaScript, Ruby and most other 
shells/scripting languages (apart from Python which is indentation