jastrachan | 4 Mar 08:55 2005

Re: Why isn't groovy one big jar...

On 3 Mar 2005, at 14:38, Guillaume Laforge wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 07:24:24 -0700, Furash Gary
> <furashg@...> wrote:
>> The groovy distribution comes with a big old folder of JAR files.
>> Things like Beanshell, Judo, etc., just give you 1 "megajar".  This
>> makes them very easy to deploy.
>> Is there a reason why we couldn't do this with Groovy?
> I'm thinking we could use jarjar (hosted on sourceforge).
> It enables one to create one single jar, with using its own namespace
> for the embedded jars (kinda big "move package refactoring").
> And it'd allow the users to have another version of the jars on their 
> classpath.
> Thoughts?

Great idea - I'd *love* this. We've currently issues with people using 
different ASM / Antlr versions on classpaths causing issues.