jastrachan | 17 Mar 12:01 2005

Re: Would this be of some help to anyone?

On 16 Mar 2005, at 16:02, Simon Chappell wrote:
> Fellow groovers,
> I'm in the process of really earnestly learning Groovy. To help myself
> in the process I am creating what Mike Clark calls Learning Tests. I
> have a program called Babel (available from my website
> http://simonpeter.com/technology/software/babel/ ) that I use to run
> these tests. It can run tests in other languages as well, but my
> primary focus right now is Groovy.
> I am working on small example programs that exercise and validate an
> individual aspect of Groovy. For example, I currently have six small
> programs that exercise the string handling capabilities and four for
> testing lists. I know I need more, but I'll add them as I continue to
> learn the language.
> I mention Babel for a couple of reasons: First, it's available under
> the GNU GPL, so feel free to download it and use it yourself. Second,
> feel free to contribute example code and help build up a body of
> working examples and tests. Third, it can be used as an informal
> language validation suite for Groovy.
> Try it out and let me know if you find it useful.

This sounds really useful!

It'd be nice to include your tests in the test suite too  :)

One word of caution, the JSR version of Groovy is gonna be released 
shortly (hopefully next week) which has some differences to the classic 
groovy we've all used up to now


The last beta-10 release includes an EA version of the JSR parser which 
is disabled by default.

If you're starting to learn groovy from scratch, you might wanna start 
with the JSR syntax - to save switching again in the future.