jastrachan | 5 Apr 22:10 2005

Re: Compiling Groovy bytecode with gcj

Have you tried taking a look at the GCJ build in CVS?


which contains gcj scripts to make a binary groovy executable. Note its 
not been tried for a few releases so might need some TLC to get working 
again - but could give you a hint

On 5 Apr 2005, at 21:03, Martin Vlk wrote:

> Hi folks,
> has any of you got experience with compiling Groovy bytecode to binary 
> with
> gcj?
> I have tried and it wouldn't work. I suspect the reason is that the 
> generated
> bytecode is instrumented in a way that gcj is not done to handle but I 
> might
> be doing something wrong as well.
> I have
> java -cp .:groovy-all-1.0-beta-8.jar chkmail
> gcj-3.4 --classpath=.:groovy-all-1.0-beta-8.jar --main=chkmail 
> chkmail.class
> The output is attached. Could you please look at it and advise what 
> could be
> wrong?
> Cheers
> vlcak
> <out.log>