jastrachan | 6 Apr 17:08 2005

Re: Executing Ant targets with dot in their name

For searching the email archive I tend to use the gname site...


On 6 Apr 2005, at 16:01, Martin Vlk wrote:
> Hey folks,
> thanks a lot for the workaround!
> Another thing I have come upon is how to run an Ant target defined in a
> custom file.
> Say I have an Ant build file test.xml which contains a target called 
> "foo".
> Then there is a groovy script test.groovy from which I need to call the
> "foo" target.
> As far as I see there isn't an easy way to do that. Any ideas?
> If I collect enough answers that way, I will write some Groovy-Ant 
> scripting
> guidelines document for others to use.
> BTW, is there any possibility to search the mail-list archive?
> Cheers
> vlcak
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>> I didn't try but how about
>> ant.invokeMethod('bla.blubs')
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