jastrachan | 15 Jun 15:22 2005

Re: [groovy-jsr] Groovy JSR-02 released!

On 15 Jun 2005, at 13:01, Guillaume Laforge wrote:

> Dear friends,
> Once again, the Groovy team has poured a lot of energy, blood and
> sweat into the Groovy source code to produce a new version of your
> beloved scripting language for the JVM. I'm particularly proud to
> announce that "groovy-jsr-02" was released today!
> For us, it is a very important milestone, I should probably say a
> quality-focused release. We've reached 1000 test cases, and
> counting... But apart from the usual user support, bug fixes, applied
> patches provided by our active and vibrant community, we particularly
> focused our efforts on two main quality factors: better error
> reporting and improved compile-time checks.
> Our heroes of the month are Jeremy Rayner, Jochen Theodorou, Franck
> Rasolo and Christian Stein.

I'd like to second Guillaume's thanks to this releases hero's - along  
with thanking our project manager, Guillaume for all his hard work  
too. groovy-1.0-jsr-02 is a great release! Many thanks to everyone  
who've helped.