jastrachan | 26 Mar 09:14 2004

Re: GroovyMarkup with Ant and JUnit

On 25 Mar 2004, at 20:56, Mike Clark wrote:
> On Mar 25, 2004, at 11:55 AM, jastrachan@... wrote:
>> Just a thought - could it just be that ant-optional-${version}.jar 
>> isn't on your classpath? i.e. that Ant can't see the 'junit' task 
>> (which AFAIK is in the optional jar?
> Thanks.  Indeed, it does seem to be a CLASSPATH issue.  When all else 
> fails in Java...  :-)
> Here's what I found I need on the CLASSPATH for Ant 1.6:
>   $ANT_HOME/lib/ant.jar
>   $ANT_HOME/lib/ant-junit.jar
>   $ANT_HOME/lib/junit.jar
>   $ANT_HOME/lib/ant-launcher.jar

Incidentally I've added all these jars to the project.xml so that a 
binary distribution of Groovy will have all these jars now. If we added 
whatever helper classes you've got for your Groovy-Ant scripty stuff, 
we could maybe use Groovy as a front end to Ant. i.e. typing

groovy MyBuilld.groovy

to run a build without worrying about setting classpaths etc.

On a totally different tangent - any good ideas for names of a 
'Groovy-Ant builder thingy". Call it whatever you like of course - 
ideas I'd had so far was either Gravy, Grant or Grab - though I'm crap 
at naming things :)