jastrachan | 27 Mar 05:06 2004

Re: [groovy-dev] Re: GroovyResultSet modifications

On 26 Mar 2004, at 20:02, Ivan Z. Ganza wrote:
> Great thx for applying the patch.
> One thing, might want to consider the behaviour of the previous() and
> next() methods though...
> For instance imagine I'm going to update 10 fields...right now it
> would do updateRow() 10 ten times when rather I would want to code my
> app to modify the 10 fields THEN do updateRow()...only once.

Ah - gap in my JDBC understanding - you can no lots of updates, and do 
10 calls to next() and then call updateRow()? i.e. update 10 rows in 
one go?

I thought you'd have to call updateRow() before moving to the next one?

> The current way would seem to be a performance bottleneck.  In any
> event probably the programmer should have the choice if and when the
> updateRow() method is called.


> BTW not sure if you included what I pasted but it was only the
> interface and its documentation which should be fine?

Dunno - am not a lawyer. Lets leave it until someone complains :)