jastrachan | 1 Apr 00:04 2004

Re: Eclipse plugin - mixing groovy & java

On 31 Mar 2004, at 19:29, Boris Bliznukov wrote:
> Ondra Nekola wrote:
>> -when I take the same source and compile them by hand in commandline  
>> it works fine (so there is no syntax error in them) - the problem is  
>> specific to eclipse
>> -i use Eclipse 3 Milestone7 on W2K, Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build  
>> 1.4.2_03-b02, mixed mode) and binaries of the plugin downloaded from  
>> http://cvs.groovy.codehaus.org/viewcvs.cgi/groovy/ide/groovy-eclipse/ 
>> Binaries/?root=codehaus
>> What should I do to mix freely Java and Groovy code?
> The way Groovy Plugin is done right now there is no way to mix it.
> It is not integrated in JDT java model. And it's a quite a work  
> integrate it well with JDT. BTW is there anybody thinking about doing  
> that at all?

I'd really really love this to happen. We basically need a  
bidirectional mapping from Groovy AST to JDK AST - then this would mean  
refactoring could well work across both Java & Groovy code.

> What can be done in "quick & dirty" way is to set output path for  
> groovy to the different location (default output path cannot be  
> included back to the classpath, or better .class files that are in the  
> defulat output path cannot be brought back to JDT Java model), and  
> then add this path to the class path.  It's a straight forward and  
> will work fine.