jastrachan | 5 Apr 16:29 2004

Re: JCP?

On 5 Apr 2004, at 15:12, Michael Campbell wrote:
> I'm woefully ignorant about these things, but can someone tell me
> what happened with groovy and Sun (JCP?) and what it means to us,
> the consumer?  I'm old, so go slow and use small words.

LOL :)

So the JSR has been approved...


What this means is that we'll be setting up a groov-lang <at>  mail list 
real soon where we'll start working through the language trying to tie 
things down - starting with high level things and slowly debating the 
nitty gritty. All JSR discussions will be out in the open so folks can 
join in the fun & contribute thoughts and ideas.

If you'd like to be part of the Expert Group you'll need to fill in the 
web form here...


as well as signing and faxing the JSPA agreement to Sun (unless you 
want to represent your company and your company is already a JCP 
member). Though you don't have to be a member of the EG to be able to 
take part.

> Will this thing with Sun inhibit what James will be able to do with
> the language going forward?  I ask in the context of the closure
> "()" magic and ".call()" discussion.

I'm hoping it means we get a healthy debate about the language syntax - 
try and find as many wholes, ambiguities and rough edges and fix them - 
then end up with a water tight specification that we can all work from. 
The open source project should stay nimble & light and releasing often, 
allowing RAD and innovation, but we should be able to freeze the 
language syntax for a specific version number so that we all work from 
solid foundations.