jastrachan | 7 Apr 15:40 2004

Re: Eclipse plugin - mixing groovy & java

On 7 Apr 2004, at 13:50, Boris Bliznioukov wrote:
> Hello groovy-users,
> I'm using groovy in a project. I like a lot ;) there was slight
> disappointment with eclipse plugin, it was some of the features.
> So I really quick wrote another one.

Its a shame you couldn't have improved on what we already had rather 
than writing another one :(

> I'm using it
> right now and it works ... ;) if you like you can try it.
> Features:
> - integrates with java. You can use groovy classes from java and vice
>   versa.
> - incremental builds, it builds only changed sources;
> - correctly marks positions of syntax errors.
> - supports task markers in comments (TODO,FIXME etc)
> - groovy launch configuration and shortcuts "Run as Groovy", "Debug as
>   groovy".
> - editor

We already have the above. Plus the outline view working too.

> - you can debug code. You can see variables, it supports method, line,
>   exception breakpoints and source code location. Provided that you
>   have groovy with GROOVY-363 fixed.
> - console stack trace line tracker works with groovy sources. (you can
>   click on stacktrace and it will bring up editor and point to the 
> right
>   line)

These two features I don't think we have though.

> So for now build done to groovy-bin directory in the root of you
> project (no you cannot change it yet :)). When you first time create
> .groovy file it will add a groovy nature to the project and it will
> add all needed libraries and also create groovy-bin. Builder only
> picks up files in java project source directories. So create one for
> you groovy files or use existing one. If you want to speed up build a
> little bit you need to exclude .groovy from list of the files that
> will be copied to the output directory manually. If you already have
> groovy nature project you would probably need to add groovy-bin to the
> classpath manually, the rest should work ok.
> Due to the limitation of eclipse (extension point is there but JDT is
> not yet using it) if you want to debug groovy code you need to run it
> with "run/debug as groovy", otherwise it would not pick up groovy
> source code locator and you would not be able to se actual code and
> you will see only generated .class.
> That's it... source code is included.
> Here is the plugin 
> http://blib.dsi.ru/groovy-eclipse/groovy-eclipse.1.0.2.zip
> And this is a build of groovy with GROOVY-363 fixed
> http://blib.dsi.ru/groovy-eclipse/groovy-fixed.zip
> Any comments are welcome ...
> Known bugs, or planned features (it depends on how you look at them )
> - replace libraries with groovy classpath container
> - editor syntax highliter  does not understand <<EOF ... EOF string 
> syntax
> - builder cannot detect structural changes in java generated classes 
> and does
>   not rebuild groovy files that depend on them. (in opposite direction 
> it
>   works fine)
> - outline view
> - search support
> - refactoring (for the moment I think I can only do class rename...
>   maybe some other have to look more)
> If you can you think of something else send me an email.

How about we try and integrate the efforts together? Seems silly having 
2 different plugins that do mostly the same thing.