jastrachan | 13 Apr 17:44 2004

Re: Groovy and Jedit plugin

On 13 Apr 2004, at 15:58, Steven Buroff wrote:
> I installed the 2 jar files for the groovy JEdit plugin and added the 
> line to the startup.bsh file.
> I selected the groovy extensions from the list. However, I can't see 
> how to execute the
> groovy statements in the editor window. When I try to do 
> "Utilities/BeanShell/Evaluate Selection"
> one the line
>              println "xxx"
> I get the error
>              Parse error at line 1, column 9.  Encountered: "Hello, 
> world"
> I think it isn't treating it as groovy source. Any suggestions? Thanks 
> much.

To evaluate groovy in JEdit I hit the following option from the pull 
down menu

     Plugins -> SuperScript

Then click the 'Execute Script' button.