jastrachan | 13 Apr 18:40 2004

Re: Using BoxLayout

On 13 Apr 2004, at 16:55, Kevin Jones wrote:

>> I added an extra helper method called boxLayout() which can
>> be used to create box layouts. Its available in CVS HEAD if
>> you don't mind using that.
>> Note that this must be specified inside the component on
>> which its setting the layout. e.g.
>> import javax.swing.BoxLayout
>> import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder
>> sw = new SwingBuilder()
>> frame = sw.frame( title:'Demo', size:[200,100]) {
>> 	panel() {
>> 		boxLayout(axis:BoxLayout.X_AXIS)
>> 	  	textField(text:'Name')
>> 	}
>> }
>> frame.show()
> Thanks for that. However I've just done a CVS checkout and I get 
> Could not find match for name: boxLayout"

Hmm sounds suspiciously like you're running against an older 
groovy.jar. Are you sure you're definitely using the latest? e.g. is 
there an old groovy on your classpath or something?

If its any help there's the latest greatest jars available here...


If you're running things via the 'groovy' command, you can type...

     maven rebuild

to create a binary distro of groovy in the target/install directory.