jastrachan | 13 Apr 18:46 2004

Re: groovy for web services

On 8 Apr 2004, at 21:22, Eric Merritt wrote:
> Everyone,
>  I am in the middle of implementing a zope-like
> web-services platform for groovy called joxa.

Groovy! :)

> Basically joxa is geared around a centralized script
> repository accessed via any number of protocols. Right
> now XML-RPC and HTTP are implemented, I have short
> term plans for SOAP and JMS.

FWIW I'm working on an open source JMS provider in case you need 
something simple for testing JOXA...


> In the long run protocols
> such as SMTP and SMS will probably be implemented as
> well. Its got a solid security architecture and
> reasonably safe script calling framework. In the works
> right now is an interface for the platform coded on
> joxa itself.
>   At the moment 99% of the platform code is complete,
> the main thing lacking is an interface (and
> significant debugging). In the short term I am working
> on an web base interface scripted in groovy on top of
> joxa. Long term I plan to provide an xwt/ibex
> (www.xwt.org) based front end manipulating joxa via
> xml-rpc.


>   This isn't a formal announcement, joxa is not ready
> for that as yet. However, I thought I would let you
> know this project is in the works with a release date
> that is defiantly on the horizon. I am at the point
> now where I like a couple of eyes looking over my
> shoulder so I hope a few of you are motivated enough
> to offer some suggestions.
>  You can check it out at joxa.sourceforge.net.

Thanks Eric - I'll take a peek.