Andy Stewart | 11 Jan 02:45 2011

Join Manatee Team!

Hi all,

I'm Andy, the author of Manatee
( ).

You can watch video
  (or )
to understand "What is it?" . :)

Manatee is Haskell integrated environment written in Haskell.

The goal of the Manatee project is provide a fast, safe and flexible
integrated environment for haskell hacking.

Some cool feature in Manatee:

    * It can dynamic update Haskell extension code in runtime, like elisp
      for Emacs.

    * It protected every application in sandbox, so it minimum your
      losses once unexpected exception throw.

    * It's multi-thread design, it's won't freeze your operation in anytime.

    * It provide handy window manage, you can mix any application
      together fastly.  

    * You can use keyboard control everything you want, and same
      experience in all applications. :)

    * You can use it develop any application you want, not just text
      toy. :)

    ... etc.

I'm looking for new developer join Manatee Team, I believe you guys can
develop cooler application than me. :)

If you interested Manatee, welcome to join

   manatee-user <at>
   (or!forum/manatee-user )


  -- Andy

PS. I'm working on session manager and IDE feature...