Tristan Ravitch | 13 Aug 17:56 2011

ANNOUNCE: taffybar: an alternative status bar for xmonad

I've wanted a slightly fancier status bar than xmobar for a while, so
I finally made one.  It uses gtk2hs and dbus extensively, so if you
hate either of those things it probably isn't for you.  Being written
in gtk, though, it can have more graphical widgets.

Current feature highlights:

 * It has a system tray
 * Generic graph widget for things like CPU/memory
 * XMonad log over DBus so it can be restarted independently of xmonad
 * Graphical battery widget

There is still a lot that I want to add but I figured getting some
feedback early would be handy.  Documentation is currently at until I figure out how to
appease Hackage (see the System.Taffybar module).

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