JP Moresmau | 2 Sep 17:32 2011

ANN: EclipseFP 2.1.0 released

Hello Haskellers,

Version 2.1.0 of the EclipseFP project (Eclipse plugins for Haskell
development) has been released. Based mainly on the work Alejandro
Serrano did for his GSoC project, this release features a lot of
- A package/module browser
- Hoogle integration: select a identifier in your code and jump to its
hoogle definitions
- HLint integration: jump directly to HLint errors and warnings
- Profiling graphs: run an executable with profiling flags and its the
resulting graphs
- SourceGraph: generate SourceGraph reports
- Better auto completion information

And of course some bug fixes.

Please go to, the new website Alejandro
designed for more information and installation instructions.

Feedback welcome!


JP Moresmau