Simon Michael | 25 Aug 20:56 2011

ANN: shelltestrunner 1.1

I'm pleased to announce shelltestrunner 1.1.

shelltestrunner tests command-line programs or arbitrary shell
commands.  It reads simple declarative tests specifying a command,
some input, and the expected output, error output and exit status.
Tests can be run selectively, in parallel, with a timeout, in color,
and/or with differences highlighted. Projects using it include
hledger, yesod, and berp. shelltestrunner is free software released
under GPLv3+.

New in 1.1:

  * bump process dependency to allow building with GHC 7.2.1

  * new `-a/--all` flag shows all failure output without truncating

Home page:

Install: $ cabal install shelltestrunner