Roman Smrž | 29 Aug 23:43 2011

ANNOUNCE: swapper: Transparently swapping data from in-memory structures to disk

The package swapper provides a wrapper for functors, which allows their
data to be automatically and transparently swapped to disk and loaded
back when necessary. The version 0.1 is the first public one.


The original motivation was the use with happstack-state, which is a
system to maintain a global state whole kept in memory. If the data get
too big, they can be swapped to disk by the operating system, yet
sometimes a bit more control may be beneficial. That is provided by this
package (a cache, with possible custom implementation, deciding which
and how many items are kept in memory, is associated with the structure)
and also the use of snapshots is optimized more than in the case of OS
swap: only the data currently cached need to be added when creating
snapshot and after loading one, the data are read only as needed.

Roman Srmž
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