Trystan Spangler | 3 Sep 18:27 2011

ANNOUNCE: hspec-0.8.0 (command line runner and nested specs)

hspec version 0.8.0, Behavior Driven Development for Haskell, is now available!

This latest release includes a command line runner that can search through directory trees for specs and support for nested specs.

From the hspec specs:

the "describe" function - takes a description of what the behavior is for - groups behaviors for what's being described a nested description - has it's own specs - may be displayed indented
And from the hspec command line runner:
hspec searches through files or folders and runs any top level declarations with a type of `Specs` or `IO Specs`. Monadic specs must be fully qualified, list-based specs may be qualified or not. You can specify specific *.hs files or directories to search through or let hspec search the current directory tree for specs to run. usage: hspec [OPTIONS] [TARGET_LIST] -f FORMAT --format=FORMAT Specifies what format to use for output. By default the specdoc format is used. FORMAT can be silent, progress, specdoc, or failed_examples. -o FILE_NAME --output=FILE_NAME Specifies the file to use for output. By default output is directed to stdout. FILE_NAME can be stdout or stderr for those handles. -e REGEX --example=REGEX Only execute examples with a matching description. By default all examples are executed. -c TRUE|FALSE --color=TRUE|FALSE Force output to have or not have red and green color. By default color is only used when output is directed to stdout. --runfile=FILE_NAME Use a specific file to log the last run results. This is read when using the --rerun option. By default the file ".hspecLastRun" logs the last run results. -r RERUNOPT --rerun=RERUNOPT Rerun a specific subset of specs. This looks at the last run file specified by -runfile. RERUNOPT can be "all" or "failed". By default the last run file is ignored and all specs are run. -h, -? --help Display this help. -v --verbose Display detailed information about what hspec is doing. --specs Include the specs for the hspec command line runner itself. When used, the target list will not default to the current directory. A non-empty target list will still be searched though.

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