Antoine Latter | 8 Oct 20:30 2011

ANNOUNCE: Parsec 3.1.2

Parsec is a monadic combinator library that is well-documented, simple
to use, and produces good error messages.

This is a minor point release over Parsec 3.1.1.

The changes in this release are:
From Roman Cheplyaka:
 - 'lookAhead' no longer counts as 'consuming input', even when it succeeds.
 - Fixes for 'try' related to error position reporting
 - Fix for merging error messages
Other changes:
 - Fix reserved name recognition for case-insensitive languages
 - Add instances for 'Stream Text' (both lazy Text and strict Text),
allowing Char parsers to run on the Text type.

Link on Hackage:

The new instances are orphaned in their own new modules, so there
shouldn't be conflicts for projects defining their own orphan

Thanks to:
Roman Cheplyaka for development, Andrew U. Frank for a bug report.