Brent Yorgey | 26 Oct 21:17 2011

ANN: Monad.Reader Issue 19

I am pleased to announce that Issue 19 of The Monad.Reader, a special
issue on parallelism and concurrency, is now available:

Issue 19 consists of the following three articles:

  * Mighttpd – a High Performance Web Server in Haskell 
    by Kazu Yamamoto 

  * High Performance Haskell with MPI 
    by Bernie Pope and Dmitry Astapov

  * Coroutine Pipelines 
    by Mario Blažević

Feel free to browse the source files. You can check out the entire
repository using darcs:

  darcs get

If you’d like to write something for Issue 20, please get in
touch. The deadline will likely be in December; more details will be

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