darcswatch | 2 Apr 03:05 2010

Applied: darcs patch: X.L.Minimize remove redundant imports (and 1 more)

This 2-patches bundle was just applied to http://code.haskell.org/XMonadContrib:

20100401204400  Anders Engstrom <ankaan@...>
 * X.L.Minimize remove redundant imports

20100401212403  Anders Engstrom <ankaan@...>
 * X.L.Named deprecate and implement using X.L.Renamed
 nameTail behaves slightly different if there are whitespace before the first word or the name contains
tabs or other such whitespace. But I expect few users are affected since the only usecase where nameTail is
actually needed is to remove automatically added prefixes. These prefixes will be removed as they should
by the new implementation.


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