Florent Angly | 30 Oct 00:25 2012

Re: Bio::DB::Fasta changes

Hi all,

I resolved the issue, i.e. restored the ability to return a list of IDs 
(or a single scalar one), added some documentation to make it explicit 
and added unit tests:


On 29/10/12 20:38, Dave Howorth wrote:
> Florent Angly wrote:
>> I suspect that this bug report you cited unveiled a corner case that was
>> not covered by the tests. I'll assign the bug to myself and investigate.
> It looks to me like the previous code and documentation don't match. The
> CPAN docs, the git docs and the git code all appear to agree that there
> is a single scalar result. But the CPAN code implements an array result.
> >From the sound of it, people have been relying on an undocumented
> feature. But there was a specific change in the code behaviour. As Chris
> says, it seems like some discussion of the correct resolution would be
> sensible.
> Cheers, Dave
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