Carnë Draug | 5 Feb 21:10 2013

Re: Removing Bio::FeatureIO? was Re: removing packages from bioperl-live

On 5 February 2013 19:34, Fields, Christopher J <cjfields <at>> wrote:
> Probably should retitle this to ask the question directly (make sure the right radars are pinged).
> My vote is yes, it should be removed.  There were a lot of implementation issues with it that ended up
becoming problematic.  I do believe it is used, though, so I would like to get additional responses from the
community before removing it and pointing to the separate repository (where there has been a lot of
experimenting going on).

Mentioning Bio::FeatureIO was just an example. I meant to ask it as
more general. If the code is already in a separate repository, should
it be removed from bioperl-live?