Leon Timmermans | 6 Feb 05:33 2013

Re: dependencies on perl version

On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 5:24 AM, Fields, Christopher J
<cjfields <at> illinois.edu> wrote:
> Right, it took ~8 yrs to go from 5.8 to 5.10.  I'd like to point out that Python users are in the same boat: the
Python version for CentOS 5 is 2.4.3, and Biopython requires a minimum of python 2.5 (and recommends
python 2.7).
> We can always state that perl 5.8 is supported for the upcoming Bioperl release, but we're dropping v5.8
support for any future releases.

Sounds reasonable. These things shouldn't come as a surprise.

I suspect that the thing that will save us is that most of these
people install it once and then never upgrade.