Fields, Christopher J | 2 Mar 00:11 2013

Re: Error when running Build.PL

On Mar 1, 2013, at 3:49 PM, Leon Timmermans <l.m.timmermans <at>>

> On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Phil Dagosto <PDagosto <at>> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I downloaded BioPerl 1.6.1 from this location:
>> When I ran Build.PL with all of the default settings chosen in the interactive mode I got the following
error message:
>> ….
>> I have no idea whether this is a problem or not or if I can proceed. Also, I'm confused by the version number
referenced in the last line. 1.006001 is our current version - I thought I was installing version 1.6.1.
Are these version numbers equivalent, i.e., are the zeros not meaningful?.
> Yeah, 1.6.1 equals 1.006001. See also
> Do note that it is no longer the lastest release, latest is 1.6.901
> and a new release is expected on a short notice.
> Leon

Yup, hoping to work on it tonight and tomorrow.  Travis-CI indicates all normal tests are passing, I'll run
through a few remaining ones.  Some we can't address directly; there are a number of warnings popping up I
can't do anything about (they originate from Graph).