Jeon Ah Jung | 7 Mar 06:24 2013

Failed ./Build test while installing Bioperl-1.6.901

Dear BioPerl,

I have encountered failed tests while installing Bioperl-1.6.901 from CPAN.
i downloaded BioPerl-1.6.901.tar and ran 'tar xvfz BioPerl-1.6.901.tar'
It gave me a message saying 'tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.' but i moved on to install using
'perl Build.PL'
it gave me a message saying that some files are missing. I just moved on again and eventually when i ran
'./Build test', it told me that 32//55 test programs failed and 1/2436 subtests failed.
you will find a detailed report of the errors in the attached file.

Please take a look and let me know where i have gone wrong.
I am suspecting that the problem started when i extracted .tar file, but i have no idea how to correct that.

Your help will be much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and help.

Ah Jung

Attachment (error_from_Bioperl_installation): application/octet-stream, 166 KiB

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