Fields, Christopher J | 25 Mar 17:46 2013

Re: bugtracker for Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::BioPerl

On Mar 25, 2013, at 11:23 AM, George Hartzell <hartzell <at>> wrote:

> Carnë Draug writes:
>> [...]
>> So I wrote Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::BioPerl to be used with
>> Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::BioPerl. Would be nice if someone could
>> give some feedback if it's adequate for the rest of the project.
> Looks wonderful!
> I use a "private" section that I think corresponds to what you call
> "internal".  Is there a BioPerl tradition one way or the other?

Not really, but there probably should be a more standard way of doing this.

> You might make the SYNOPSIS just a tad less confusing if you point
> some meaningful text into the text sections of the GenerateSection
> parts, something like "text = Info about mailing lists goes here".  I
> scratched my head a bit wondering why "FEEDBACK" had nothing, "Mailing
> lists" had an empty attribute and the other two had nonsense text.  It
> looks like FEEDBACK is just an empty level 1 header, but
> otherwise....
>> To minimize the number of files added to each distro, I also wrote
>> another plugin which the PluginBundle uses. I wrote it today so you're
>> likely to not have it installed yet.
> I can see that being useful. In the name, did you mean "interpolated"
> (which you use further down) where you say "interpreted"?
> This is a useful contribution!
> g.

Yes, agreed.  The original purpose of the BioPerl Dist::Zilla bundle (set up during GSoC a few years ago by
Sheena) was to make releases easier and more consistent across independent dists if need be; if
configuring and using Pod::Weaver simplifies boilerplate and makes documentatio easier I'm all for it.