Carnë Draug | 2 Apr 06:18 2013

releasing Bio-Root

I have prepared the Bio-Root repo so a release can be made with

dzil release
git push --tags

IF the development version of the BioPerl pluginbundles are installed.
Note that Bioperl's dist zilla and pod weaver pluginbundles are still
not available on CPAN. Could someone please upload them to CPAN or
give me co-maintenance?

I have removed the Bio::Root modules and tests from bioperl-live that
are part of the Bio-Root distribution (that leaves one behind which
was not forgotten. It was imported back in 2011 and then removed).

What to do about Bio::Root::Version? I didn't change its code, but I'm
guessing it should be edited to do something so it keeps backward
compatibility with this release. With the multiple distributions, this
makes no sense since each of them may be a different version at any
given time. Plus, BioPerl's distzilla pluginbundle uses the version
plugin which already does it for each module.