Chris Maloney | 5 May 06:03 2013

Wiki work, Template:Doclink

The module pages on the wiki could look a little better, like this one
for example:
 There used to be a bunch of extra whitespace at the top of the page,
which was caused by extra line breaks in Template:Doclink, which I
just removed.

But, I think there are other improvements that could be made.  I would
like to turn this into an infobox -- which are the helpful informative
tables of info on Wikipedia that appear on many articles on the upper
right.  That would allow us to add more links -- like to metacpan, for

It is not completely trivial to import infoboxes into a wiki though, I
just discovered.  I just went through the exercise on my home wiki,
and it involves importing a lot of templates from Wikipedia, and
fixing up the common.css.  You can see the full list of imported
templates here:
 I don't *think* this should cause any problems, but I'm not 100%
sure.  On the other hand, if it does, it should be easy to roll back
-- it's a wiki, after all.

Does anybody have a problem if I do this?  I'll wait a day for
responses, and tackle this tomorrow, if no one objects.

-- Chris M.