Joachim Baran | 11 Jul 23:36 2013

Re: Bio::FeatureIO::faldo

Hello Chris,

On 2013-07-11, at 5:27 PM, Chris Mungall <cjmungall <at>> wrote:
> The sensible thing to do would be to compare the output with Rob Hoehndorf's Groovy GFF3 to FALDO converter
- I confess I haven't done this yet.
  We actually took Robert's RDFizer and extended it in BioInterchange (

  The current output of BioInterchange is based on two ontologies specific to GFF3 and GVF. However, we are
currently refactoring those ontologies to support GFF3, GTF, GVF and VCF (see -- GFVO), which is making
exclusive use of FALDO for expressing coordinates and fuzzy coordinate ranges. I hope I hear back from the
GTF/VCF contributors soon, so that I can update BioInterchange to use GFVO + FALDO + VariO.

  It would be great if the Perl version of the RDFization could utilize GFVO, so that the output of
BioInterchange and the Perl code would be (more or less) identical.

Best wishes,